Joseph Falcone

Joseph Falcone

Joseph Falcone

My name is Joseph Falcone, I am 58 years old and live in Las Vegas NV.

I have always been an animal & nature person. Over my life I have had many pets, dogs, cats, small and large birds, ferrets, domestic rats, mice, reptiles and arachnids of all kinds, even a pot bellied pig that had been nursed by a dog so it learned to bark instead of grunting.

I started dog training when I was 16 years old with a local Beagle that lived down the street. I went to the library, took out books on training, read and then applied what I learned. I kept doing this very successfully for a couple years working with many different breeds.

At 18 I took dog training classes in NYC and trained dogs while I was in college.

I continued learning about training from several schools during and after college.

I trained full time until I married. I raised 2 children during my marriage.

I went on to working in marketing, PR working with companies large and small. Then I got involved in "people training" by working in motivational seminars and classes, including working with Tony Robbins on his “Unleash The Power Within" weekend seminar.

However, I continued to train part-time, as I love dogs and a well trained dog always has a home. I have never stopped working with dogs as a trainer and as a rescue facilitator.

I developed my own style of training, some of it is similar to Cesar Milan, (I will mention that when I developed my methods, Cesar was still a child)

I am currently semi-retired to due to a medical event in which I had a stroke, followed by a heart event and then followed by dying.

I am working on 3 books. One is a book on dog training, one is a crime thriller. I was already working on these when I had my medical event. The third book that I have since started is about my experience passing over. In case you are curious, yes, animals do have souls and they do cross over to the same place as we go.

I can be reached at


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