Hello! I’m the WooFDriver, and I always strive to live by my motto: Live Clean, and Run Wild!

With myself and my four huskies (you’ll often see me refer to them as Woofs — more on that later), I always try to find new ways to interact with the people and nature around me.

In everything, I try to be a respectful person. The way I’ve come to see it throughout my life and my activities, if I respect my surroundings, my friends, neighbors, family, and fellow human beings, as well as the earth and mother nature’s creatures, then I can respect myself.

I have never been a follower.

My drive and passion are to live my life in harmony with nature, fellow humans, and all of my surroundings — and to never have any regrets.

In everything I do, whether it be my martial arts practices, making music, or running with my dogs, I try to remember that.

This site and the others like it are meant to be a way to share my passion for my own dogs, and as a way to use that passion to help all dogs live a happier and healthier life. What I hope, is that you and anyone else who visits my sites, watches my videos, and learns many fun facts about dogs will be inspired by my activities and join me in making the health and safety of dogs a top priority.

Thank you for joining our WooFPAK!


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