Monday, September 27, 2021
WooFDriver Live Chat

WooFDriver Live Chat

I call myself The WooFDriver because I am Driving/Running a Team or Pack (Pak) of Dogs. Professional mushers and those who run a team of dogs most commonly on a sled are sometimes referred to as Dog Drivers. Most musher’s dogs are not any particular breed. In fact a combination of breeds are usually more desirable to mushers looking to compete. They try to combine the best qualities of different breeds to achieve the best sled dog for them. Again I am running dogs for strictly recreational purposes. My love for the husky keeps me with just that breed. Although my latest addition to the WooFPAK is mostly husky, he does have some Malamute in him. I fell in love with him. Anyway since the Husky and Malamute breed are very close relation to the wolf, that is where the woof part of my name comes from. Also my Grandfather’s first name was Wolf. Finally instead of spelling wolf traditionally. I obviously have played the spelling like when a dog barks WOOF. In some ways this description describes my life’s motto so well, Live Clean, Run Wild. Learn more at or by clicking here


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