Today it was about animal communication and what it is. A lot of animals end up in shelters because people do not understand their dogs or their pets. She shares how she got into animal communication in the process of moving 26 times in 3 continents at a time she used to move with her two cats; Lydia and Jino.

When she moved back to New York from Europe, the cats used to get sick a lot. She was constantly sick and her cats were constantly sick as well. Soon, the vet bill started getting really expensive. This is the same period when she met this guy that she became very close with and was a very good friend of hers that happened to have two malamutes.

Malamutes are close to huskies and she indicates that by now everyone that takes time in her show knows that her favorite dog is a husky. He mentioned to her about an animal communicator and animal communication. She got to wonder what that was since her cats were sick and all she needed a vet.

She had no idea what she was about to learn in the process since it turned out amazing. The animal communicator asked her to call her back because she was booked out and she promised to let her know what was going on. The animal communicator told her that the lights had gone out on her and in turn, she went claiming “the lights went out on me.”

She was thinking about this all the time in her head and probably said it severally. “What does that mean?” she asked and she said to her “Your cats keep getting sick because you keep thinking and saying the lights went out on you, which means that you want to die; that you are not in a happy place.”

She was in utter shock and the animal communicator said “ When you change the way you feel and want to live, as well as change your attitude, your cats are gonna heal and they are gonna get healthy.” She indicates that she was really taken back by this and was intrigued as well. She stopped saying and thinking that the lights went out on her immediately and her cats automatically healed. She also got healthy too.

These are some of the things an animal communicator does. They look and see what is going on with you and she did this and connected it to the pets. After her cats got healed, she did not need vet pills anymore. She says that she would have never imagined that she did not know that her cats getting sick was connected to her and also reflected back on her.

That is what the animal communicator taught her and she played a huge role in helping her appreciate how her pets acted and felt, why they were healthy or not and in turn, this was a big wake up call for her. She insists that you can ask your pets any question you want to ask them but you need to get really quiet and really peaceful so you can hear their messages. Otherwise you cannot hear their messages.

She later decided that she wanted to go to an animal communication class and that she wanted to learn what this was all about but she had no idea that she already knew how to do it. She thought that one had to learn special skills but she later learnt that this is learnt through healing, sending and receiving messages, getting in touch with our intuition and our 6th sense, clearing our energy and the clutter as well.

Never doubt the messages because when you are in sync and you are really listening to your inner voice, inner world and you trust whatever information comes through and you feel that it is correct, you will just know that this is the answer to what your pets are trying to tell you.