This session was on how our pets help us understand them as we communicate with them by sending us various signals. She says that pets help us listen to ourselves and they also teach us what we feel and see. They also play a key role in helping us focus on those dark places in us by showing us different things as long as it takes in the hope that we will change our attitude.

When we learn from our dogs; we go in the right direction, we have answers faster, we feel more confident, we are happier, we are healthier, we have more fun, we are more inspired, we are more relaxed and we also convey peace, which is vital for our dogs and all of our pets. In addition to this, we have more money in our lives, we have better lives, and we have better careers and relationships as well.

Pets help us to be quieter by sending us different messages and when we change our vibration, we become positive world changers. Hence, as our pets heal, we heal, it helps us make decisions easier and we talk more of the things we love other than what we do not love. That is because pets are intuitive and they hear us by reading negative and positive energy and later on acting on the same.

She gives a tip on understanding your tip better, by observing them and being in tune with what you are reflecting back to your pet.