Today the show was about caring for your senior dog and she talked about precautions around the house. She heads out the house with DaisyMay her dog and indicates that her dog’s biggest enemy is steps. She uses the handle on the dog’s leash to help her down the stairs and indicates that when going back to the house each day, they use the ramp that goes right to the basement.
She never gets her off leash because DaisyMay tumbled down the hill at one time. You have to be careful with your senior dogs because they may lose their balance at times. Inside the basement, there is a bed, swing and a toy car for DaisyMay. Once inside the house, she takes the leash off the dog. Melissa shares how a year ago she woke up to find that her dog had suffered a seizure and the dog’s head was on the fireplace.
This drove Melissa to fetch some materials from the store that would be used to cover the fireplace and covered any kind of hard spot on the fireplace that was sticking out. Next to the door that leads to the shower, a door has been installed to keep the dog off the area and safe as well.
There is another gate at the steps to keep the dog from going up the stairs. She does not allow the dog to go up the stairs all by herself. She is always behind the dog because the dog has a tendency to tip backwards. The first staircase they used is nice and carpeted for a grip while the next is made of hardwood and her dog used to slip on it especially when cleaned.
On this particular staircase, she has carpeted stair treads that are non-slide. As you get to the top of the staircase, there is a self-close gate just in case you forget. She mostly makes use of this gate to lock her dog in when there is company around. There is a concrete upstairs fireplace that is padded on the edges as well.
Towards the back of the lobby, there is a door and a gate with a lock on it. Within this room she also has a cabinet where she throws the trash and so her dog does not come into contact with the same.