This particular day they went to the horse track farm with Chase on the motorcycle and the other dogs were in the truck. GiGi the 10 pound Chinese crested puppy was the guest of the day and was being introduced to some of the sports that the woof park does. Chase was riding in a seat made by beast riders, which is specifically made to be used by dogs while riding on bikes.

Most of the people they met along the way were fascinated by this and some were stopping to take photos of Chase on the motorcycle at the traffic lights. Chase had eye wear to protect his eyes during the ride. The private horse track they were heading to has been around for 50 years now.

Once they arrived on site, he took the eye wear off Chase and later on went over, picked GiGi and had her on a leash. Some clouds could be seen out there in the skies and this helped shield the team from the strong rays of the sun. GiGi could be seen standing on two legs on the background on several occasions. She appeared to be enjoying her time out there.

At the same time, they were getting the ruff board ready and before the huskies were let loose; GiGi got a chance to be introduced on the track.