It may proof to be too difficult to try to broadcast live from therapy, so please enjoy this small clip of her at one of her first sessions in the underwater treadmill.

We will be starting our live Facebook show “Caring For Your Senior Pup” soon! All about senior dog care 🙂

You’re as sweet as a cupcake,
you know more than just to paw shake.
Playing agility and jumping through hoops,
you run around the loop-de-loops

My sweet little Daisy May,
all you want to do is play.
Everyday with you is a sunshiny day.

My best friend ever, my little Daisy May!

You make me happier than I thought I could be,
running around with your brother Buck so free.
Oh no, you chased that squirrel up that tree!

Daisy Doodle you’re a silly noodle,
you’re part Shepherd and part Poodle.