Today GiGi made a debut on the ruff board with Jag behind him. She was pretty excited by this and could be seen standing on her two feet on several instances. As they set out for the run, the chase car was following behind to offer any assistance that may have been required at any particular point or time.

It had just rained hence; the pavement was quite cool, which was good for the dogs. Soon they had to turn back and after running a short distance, they stopped to water the dogs. At the sight of an oncoming car, he stopped the park as a safety precaution just before proceeding with their journey.

One in the chase car behind them was able to alert the team of an oncoming car from behind and he moved the dogs to the roadside to keep a safe distance. They took off soon after this and the dogs ran at a steady pace for quite some distance before taking a short break. Several cars were driving past the team and every time they had to stop and give way to maintain safety.

The pace picked up once again after the break and down the road, the park spotted another dog and their reaction was evident as the dogs picked up more speed, just before getting back home to cool off. They covered almost 3 miles this day.