Today she started by indicating that doga is about having an additional bonding experience with your dog. The great thing about doing this with your dog is that it helps build trust, deepen bonds beyond the daily walks and feeding and allows you to calm down and ground in this busy world.
Her dog Mookie loves belly rubs and she started with this and some massage as well. You can scratch wherever you know your pup is drawn. You could get a dog massage therapist or you could simply do a little bit for your dog as you get grounded and prepared for doga. When her dog gets relaxed, the tail straightens.
After connecting with your dog, place one of your hands on the dog’s heart center and take a deep breath and you can bring the other hand to your heart center and take deep breaths as you exhale through the nose. You can repeat this several times and latter on flatter your eyes open.
It is important to think of the intention of your practice today. Maybe it is for you to have a moment to relax, you want to check in with your pet to see how they are doing or you want to focus on your breath and the like. You can incorporate this idea as you go for a walk or hike as well.
Touching of the paws as you massage your dog can also help your dog get a little more comfortable and trusting and if you do, do the nail trims. Start this early when your dog is a pup. She goes on to stretch her dog’s front legs a little bit and this allows to check whether there are any lumps or bumps that should not be there.
She stretches the hind legs of the dog giving them a little traction. She gets the soles of her feet together and the knees open, with the dog lying between her legs. This helps the dog relax. As you scratch your dog, maintain the eye gaze. This is a great way to connect to your dog too. She comes back up for the twist, placing her left hand on her right knee and her right hand behind her.
Inhale as you take a deep breath then exhale and twist your head. Turning back to the center, she goes on to turn on the other side with one of her hands scratching the dog and the other behind her. She inhales as she stretches the spine and later exhales and twists her head to the side. She repeats this as she gets back to the center.
Take time to check in with your body; how it feels after that moment, what you notice and whether you are able to connect with your pet. You will realize that when you roll out your yoga mat, your dog is ready and it is not hard to get them on it. She then opens her feet to a wide “V.”
Come to an upright pose and flex your feet and pull those toes in towards your body. See if you can get that spine nice and tall and then work those hands forward. Same case as in the twist; inhale and lengthen and exhale and fall. Repeat this several times and get back towards your body.
She picks the dog up and rests his bum on her knees and does a little rocking motion. This is a variation of boat pose and you can lean back a little bit and lift a leg or both legs. This is good for the core. For the final relaxation, you can lie down next to your dog and if you have a wall mirror, it would be nice for the legs up the wall pose.
With one hand on the belly since she is bringing breath into the belly and the other on the dog for connection, she inhales to fill the belly, ribs and chest with air. Then exhale through the chest, ribs and belly. This is a 3 part breath. You can stay here a bit particularly if your dog is relaxed and you can repeat the previous poses as well.
Lift up gently and take a moment to connect with your pup once again as you try to identify the shift in your dog and the shift for you after the doga session.