Today she started by taking the best sitting pose and you do not have to be on your floor but rather, find a comfortable place to do doga. She then takes a pose over her dog, pressing back to a child’s pose and you can tuck your legs wider as you lift your pup to a pose. As you let your dog lie down, you can do the down dog pose facing the dog for a little connection without hurting yourself or the dog.
Move into a nice back leg stretch for the dog on one leg and move forward for a stretch for yourself. She inhales as she gives the dog an upward dog pose and stretches one of its front legs and make sure you give the dog a lot of support in this case. As she crosses her ankle, she moves forward and does the down dog and back into a pose for Arden the little dog.
Repeat the poses you did previously each day. If you are able to pick up your dog, you can use them for a triangle pose but if your dog is big, you can have them on your side as you massage on them and repeat the same pose on the opposite side. The more yoga you know, the more you can do. Thereafter, she does a nice hang while holding her dog.
With Indiana the big dog, she pulls her legs underneath her while bending forward. In this case, you can move away further as you pull your dog’s front legs. She pushes into the paws of the same dog and massages them as well. It is always good to explore your dog’s body to know what is happening with them. The key for doga is to do a pose for you and a pose for the dog and at this point, she goes on to the downward dog and then the upward dog poses.
With the soles of her feet together, she lifts the front legs of her big dog while holding then close and comes forward for a pose for her and comes up again. Big dogs are great to lie down on for a pose. You may not lift your big dog up from the ground but you can massage them and bend and stretch their legs as well.
Before the savasana pose, she takes a quick opener by putting her arms up behind her with her back against the big dog. She finishes with the relaxing pose and if your dog is lying on you, let their weight melt down on you. She rolls over to the side, stretches out one leg and comes back to a seated position. If you can, move your dog back in toward you and put their paws into prayer if this is possible.