Today was a free ranging day at the farm, which happened just after the storm and this happens to be the perfect weather for this particular activity. His four huskies were off leash and had been left to roam free. From time to time either of the dogs would take a bathroom break and the park was responding well to commands as they moved in the direction instructed.
When this happens, the woof driver indicated that it is always good to appreciate the dogs. In response to a question about introducing a new dog, he indicated that you will experience various dynamics when introducing them to any park or activity such as free ranging. This helps you get the team working together as they exercise teamwork.
His park includes a Chinese crested dog though he did not bring him today and he noted that there are several varieties of this particular breed including the one that is hardly hairless. This breed has hairs on the paws, head and the tail. The Chinese crested breed was used in Chinese ships for hunting rodents.
When free ranging, he covers a distance of between 5 to 10 miles and this happens on private land that he has secured access to with the owners. On these expeditions, he uses an ATV and he has one at each of the different locations. The ATVs use electric motors and are a lot quieter than any gas powered motor and this makes communication easier in addition to helping him keep up with the dogs while giving commands to the park.
Often, the park anticipates where he wants to go and he suggests that it is not advisable to follow their lead every other time. To counter this, he opts for a different direction at such times and this ensures that all huskies have their attention on him. It is important to keep them guessing where you are headed to capture their attention.
In response to a question raised, he confirms that he has encountered snakes during these expeditions and through his instincts and the reaction of his dogs he often discovers this early enough. He has also encountered turtles among other animals. The most important aspect when training a husky is getting rid of their energy.
At one point, one of the dogs experienced an injury and as expected, she associated this with the other dog that was next to her by taking to defense naturally. To avoid a fight, he intervened immediately by raising his voice and commanding her to stop. While free ranging, either of the dogs would stop abruptly in front of the ATV and he says one has to be careful to stop and back up if necessary.
On reaching a pool of water, one of the dogs took a swim in the waters to cool off as he pointed out that the top coat on huskies is supposed to prepare them for hot weather. After this, the park headed to an open area with lots of grass where they spent some time resting after covering quite a reasonable distance.
As they left the spot, the storm appeared to be moving in and as a result, he opted to retreat. As he headed back to the truck with the park, they found a calf along the way and as the calf took off, one of the dogs’ wanted to pursue, but eventually backed down at his command.