He was out in the fields with 4 of his dogs today. The dogs were lying down as he made some commentaries and as he hoped into his ATV, the park was ready to explore the area. Soon after starting off, he drove the ATV speedily down the slope and waited on the dogs as they came running after him in intervals.

At the edge of the forest just past the slope, there was a pond and the dogs went right in to cool off. After this, they took to the woods and following a trail that was cutting through the forest. As they explored the area, the dogs could be seen marking their territory. Further into the woods the dogs ran ahead of him and occasionally, they would stop and listen as if they were checking out for any prey around.

Along the way, they found an abandoned tractor in the woods just before crossing a bridge that had no rail guards on it. Past the bridge, the trail led the team to somewhat an open field with lush grass cover. The area was quite wet and patches of mud flats could be spotted. Whenever one of the dogs was left behind, he would wait on them to catch up with the rest and thereafter, all would proceed.

The next stop was at the waters in the nearby stream to cool off. Here, some of the dogs explored the area while others took time to rest. After a short period of time, the dogs were ready to leave. The team came to a steep slope and as was expected, the dogs took off in a dash leaving one of them behind who was able to catch up with them later on.

Soon after rejoining the park, they took time to rest under the forest cover. After a good rest, the team took off once again this time to an area with lots of trees but scanty ground cover. This was another opportunity for them to rest. It was quite hot today but the area had a stream and enough tree cover that ensured the environment kept cool.

They remained here for quite a long time after which they departed to yet another open field where they found a tractor. The tractor seemed to be one of those used around here. He got past the dogs and sure enough, they came running after him down a slope. Finally, he took the dogs down to the river once more to cool off after another dash.