The story today was based on the power of love. She starts by talking about her rabbit and how one time she moved from Europe to Israel and at that time, the vet did not know beforehand whether their rabbits were male or female. This was because it is very difficult to figure this out in the case of rabbits.

She moved her rabbits to Israel and it turned out that one day her rabbit was running after the other rabbit and she wondered why this was happening since it was strange for her. One was called Brownie who had floppy ears and the other was called Blackie. Suddenly, the latter ended up with a lot of little rabbits.

They had another white rabbit that got a lot of little rabbits too. Eventually, she had 17 rabbits in total and had to give some away since she had no more space for them and at times, we think that by giving out our pets, it is better for them but they are so attached to us just like dogs that get so attached to us.

She gave some rabbits to children down the street and one time she went to see them only to find that one of the rabbits she had given out ended up losing its hair completely. She brought her rabbit back and from that moment on, she started telling her rabbit bow much she loved them, how beautiful the rabbit was and lo and behold, all his hair came back.

That goes to show how the power of love works. Dogs understand us and we should always talk to them. Love is the strongest energy we can have. You could say to your dog you are strong, you can do it, I love you and am here for you and just encourage them and the funniest thing that happens while you are encouraging them and telling them how beautiful and special they are, you are actually healing yourself.

You get to feel more beautiful, stronger, healthier as well as younger. If we do not understand the messages that our pets have for us such as when we do not want to see something about ourselves that they reflect, how are we supposed to help our pet heal if we do not have the knowledge to help them?

She shares about one Pato and his dog Ginger who appeared on America’s Got Talent. Pato healed Ginger and Ginger healed him. Ginger was an abused dog and on the other hand, Pato had a form of anxiety and could not get a job. In a different story, she shares of a lady whose husband always used to pull their little dog to his face and say “Am going to kill you.”

She was looking for somebody desperately for help because the dog always bit afterwards. She managed to channel to this lady and said “He has to tell your dog that you love the dog, not that you hate the dog” because this is why the dog always bit afterwards and it is normal to get aggressive.

She later advised the lady to give the dog away because she felt something bas was going to happen; something she has never done before. On hearing this, the lady got so mad and said “Am not giving away this dog.” A month later, she was looking for an animal communicator. Finally, she talked to the lady but the dog was gone and she never found the dog again.

She had a chat with her friends who happen to be very psychic and all of them were convinced that the husband brought the dog away and killed it. That is why it is important to check on what we say to our pets and what we put out there.