Today she starts by sharing the story of Roco the Great Dane who is 7 feet tall and whose owners William and Nick Helms. The couple says the dog is really sweet and has no idea how big he is. They got him when he was 8 weeks old and was big even then. He eats 8 cups of food a day and drinks a lot of water. He can actually drink his water right out of the kitchen sink.

One time the couple brought Roco to a beach and it was one of those where you can let your dog loose. They let him loose and people were screaming and running when they saw the dog. The couple is eager to get the dog into the Guinness world record book but there was another dog whose name was Zeus who was really big and features in this book.

It is said that currently, Roco is the world’s tallest dog at the shoulder. He is only 2 years old and is 40 inches at the shoulder. Zeus who passed away was 44 but Roco could stil grow by the fact that he is only 2 years old. In a different story, she shares of a Mr. Jeffreys who is a basset hound and is a grandson to hush puppy shoes.

Mr. Jeffreys is in the Guinness world records for the longest ears. His ear is just under 12 inches. We also have Max who is the world’s oldest dog. It was a mix of 3 breeds and the dog lived to see 29 years. Brandy the beagle is the other dog that is also featured in the world records and won an award for the longest tongue at 7 inches.

She shares another story of a 21 year old cat whose owner planned a whole birthday party for the cat who turning 21. The cat died before the birthday and the owner ended up not having a party. Lulu is another special dog that provides unconditional love and support as well as a subtle distraction from grief.

Lulu is a trained therapy dog that seems to know just who needs her most. It is really unexplained phenomenon, it is amazing to watch. She will come into a room and just poke her nose at them. She seems to know those that are mourning and she will come and place her head on their lap.

She concludes by notifying the audience about a new film opening this weekend called “The Secret Life of Pets” and many are indicating that every dog lover should watch it.