The session today was about how to deal effectively with change. We learn so much from dogs and one of the things we learn from dogs is about flexibility and change. She continues to say that peace begins with you and me and we just have to realize that it is up to us. Anything we want to change is up to us. We are all responsible and we are all under construction.

We begin to change through ourselves because that is the only way we are going to do it and it is up to us. It is uncomfortable sometimes to change, to want to change ad to know how to change. But we all have to change because life is going to be full of change. She goes on to share a quote by John Grogan; “Many of the qualities that come so effortlessly to dogs, loyalty, devotion, selflessness, unflagging optimism and unqualified love can be elusive to humans.”

She shares how she had just moved into a condo in Nashville where she was the first one there. There was nothing but mud and cement and there were not roads in yet. One time, she had been working out with her sister Marybeth and they came back to her place. It was time for her to go home when this dog walked up the dog.

She indicated that she was all alone in this complex and she thought that the dog should be safer and so she put a sheet out on the carpet. She decided that the name of the dog would be Cowgirl because she seemed like a wild free cowgirl. She then said to Cowgirl “if you stay on this sheet all night, I will take you tomorrow to the vet and we will see who you belong to.”

The next morning she woke up and looked down at the carpet and Cowgirl was seated right there. The vet’s report was positive and she said to Cowgirl “I have to travel a lot” because she was speaking all over the country and she said “I don’t know what I can do when I have to go out of town but if you will hang in with me, we will both try to find solutions.”

So, she had to change her plans and direction and Cowgirl did this too. Sometimes in change we need to say whatever it takes for the outcome I will do it. Change is risky. We have to take a risk in order to change. Think of what you can do to change and grow in your way because everything starts somewhere and it starts with you.

Change is so obvious when you look at caterpillars because they are losing their fur and getting a new. So they are in constant change and finally the caterpillar will spin into a cocoon and it will turn very silky and liquid in this chrysalis. In the process something pushes them with their wings and their legs to push out of the cocoon.

They work at it finally breaking through the wall of the chrysalis and then they get to fly. Arthur Ashe says “when it comes to change, start where you are, use what you have and do what you can. This relates to all of us. This is how we embrace change and with change we grow.