Today the main topic was about rehoming your dog and he started out with a video in which a woman indicates that she has dogs and that they are not well trained. Her belief that she cannot control her dogs is a least half the problem if not more. On the contrary, you have to believe that you can do it; you have to assert it in a calm manner.
Not in physical violence but through your body, strong but not mean voice and treat your dog like a child. You are the leader but you should also be fair and just. He goes on to talk about the American Dingo or the Carolina dog that is considered to be a descendant of ancient breeds that migrated across the baring state about 8,000 years ago.
This is probably the most ancient dog in the Americas. Next he shares about the 20 most loyal breeds. With reference to this, he notes that attack is not the same as guard while protective implies that a dog will try and protect you with its body stunts. When dogs stand sideways in front of you, they are protecting you.
Others will guard meaning they may bark and show their teeth but they are not attacking, they are guarding. The most loyal breeds are as listed below.

  1. The German shepherd – on of the most intelligent dogs in the world, very gentle with children and a great judge of character of other people who come around you. A working dog that loves its job and though gentle, they will stop in front of you if they perceive danger.
  2. The pit bull – has a bad reputation because of people who have no business owning dogs and turning them into monsters. They used to be known as the nanny dog because of their loyalty and willingness to protect humans and especially their children.
  3. The American Staffordshire terrier – often mistaken for a pit bull. They wear a general personality and love for their family like nothing else. They are some of the strongest dogs in the world especially for their size. They will terrify a grown man but they are playful, gentle with children and love to be affectionate.
  4. The Baxter – great with kids, big enough to scare anyone you don’t want near you and will not allow someone with bad intentions toward you near you.
  5. The Saint Bernard – it is known for its lazy behavior but loves humans. They may not play a lot.
  6. The Doberman – is a sweet dog and they love children and are protective.
  7. The Irish wolfhound – shaggy coat, massive build and they act as watch dogs that will alert you if there is a potential problem. They can be trained to guard; they have an amazing sense of smell, are very sweet and will stand for you.
  8. The collie – they won’t back down if there is danger to its humans especially to its children. They are a very conservative family and will stand for you.
  9. The Great Dane – very gentle and unless you train them, they will not really guard but their size alone will deter people.
  10. The Golden retriever and the Labrador – the golden retriever is the most popular dog in the world at the moment. Playful and loves to be outside. The Labrador on the other hand is the next most popular dog and one of the most loyal as well. They will sop whatever they are doing if you are in trouble.
  11. The leonberger – this giant dog was created in Germany by breeding certain large dogs. They are very loyal, super intelligent and are very eager to please.
  12. The Anatolian shepherd – also sometimes called the Kangal dog. It is the German shepherd on steroid; they are as big as the Irish wolfhound and are powerful. They can handle extremes of cold and heat. They are amazingly loyal and intelligent. The Kangal have the same qualities but they tend to be lighter in color. The size is the same; huge in size.
  13. The Tibetan mastiff – very unique and super loyal to their owners. The red Tibetan is one of the most expensive dogs in the world. Tibetans mature very slowly same as Labradors. They mature physically but mentally they are very slow. They have a natural guarding instinct.
  14. The Caucasian dog – also known as the Ovcharka is a Russian dog very rarely seen outside of Russia. This is not a family dog. They are naturally protective hence, natural guards. They do not need much training to attack, are used in the military, prisons and to guard estates. They bond with only one or two people at most.

He continues to share about the most unusual looking dogs as listed herein.
a) The chusky – it is a chow and husky hybrid.
b) The Chinese crested dog – mostly a hairless dog.
c) Double-nosed Andean tiger hound – this breed originates from South America.
d) The bedlington terrier – this breed looks like a lamb.
e) The bergamasco shepherd – they have a heavy coat because their original job is to protect the herd. The heavy coat protects them from being harmed.
On getting back to the topic of the day, he indicates that if you are re-homing your dog, there are 4 kinds of people out there that will be looking for your dog and especially if you are giving it for free or for a very small re-homing fee. The first thing he suggests is a serious re-homing fee. This way you are assured that whoever gets the dog has the finances to take care of the dog. The 4 kinds of people are;

  • Regular people – family and other ordinary folk.
  • Dog fighters – these want dogs to se then to fight or as bait dogs. Dogs to train fighting dogs on and they use gentler dogs for that.
  • Researchers – medical researchers will be looking for dogs to conduct medical research on.
  • Resellers – some of these take the dog and re-home it the right way while other resellers will get the dog and resell it to anybody without any care.

When re-homing a dog, first off always try family, friends and coworkers; someone you know first. If you cannot find any of these, you have to adopt your dog out to a stranger. In this case, first off ask the price to qualify the new owner. Apart from this, you want to do a home visit. Some may not want to do this nut even if you are not going to do it, say that you will when you meet with them.
Meet with people at least 3 times. The best prospective people that you may want to re-home your dog to because the researchers and dog fighters want a quick grab and run. They do not want to go into a lot of detail. Also you want to see their ID, utility bills with the address that matches their ID. This is important especially if you are not going to do the home visit.
You want to meet every member of their family; young and old and you want them to meet your dog as well. Do this on neutral ground and not in your home. Do it at a local dog park so you can see how comfortable they are not only with your dog but with all dogs as well because when they are handling your dog, they might have to deal with other dogs as well.
He shares some warnings as well and says if someone calls and they ask what the dog is like, how big their head is, hang up because chances are that this is a dog fighter. So be careful when re-homing a dog.