Today he was with his special guest Stacy Moore. For 40, Stacy has been entertaining with his canine partners with the radion called Rockets. He has worked at Disneyland, Disneyworld, The Excalibur here in Las Vegas, The Flamingo Hilton and he has been in movies and television as well.

He introduces Stacy and asks him to share about himself. Stacy starts by saying the family got into the dog entertainment business back in 1932. His uncle started a show and before it was all over; his 3 brothers had dog shows. All the cousins to Stacy have dogs as well and Stacy has had the opportunity to train with the greatest dog and animal trainers in the world.

He has trained lions, tigers, dogs among others and his favorite thing to train was actually mules. He says once you bond with a mule, you actually become partners. He says 60%of communication with animals is body language, control of our emotions, tonal voice and then the words.

Once we master control of emotions and the proper attitude which is being calm, then we can project strong emotion. According to the DNA in dogs they have to have a leader. Their survival depends on following and listening to their leader. We have to be in control every time by ensuring we portray boldness to dogs.

Next we need to own the walk and it has always to be on the heel. It should not take more than 10 to 15 minutes to get your dog on the heel especially when we are communicating in their language. As you own the walk, own the door of the cage too and ensure that the dog understands the boundaries you establish.

The other thing to take care of would be presentation of food. Present the food, make them wait and then create the eye contact to give them permission to eat. When dogs know we are in charge they start looking to us and making eye contact for guidance and the more the jobs you give to your dog, the more fulfilled they are.

On the other hand, when we praise dogs in the proper way, they are happy about this because this is attached to their self esteem. Training a dog involves training both the dog and the owner as well so that both are aware of what is expected of them. As you walk your dog, he or she should not go before unless they have the permission to do so. If you lead a dog’s mind first, its body will follow on as Stacy indicates.