Today activities revolved around the mazing chase, which is a four acre course meant for huskies. Previously, this land was meant for horse pasture. There are cooling tabs here to cool off during hot weather. Zarro and Princess were really enjoying the mazing chase on the field. Pulleys have been fixed at different points on this piece of land and these are free running string movers.

A machine moves the strings and the idea behind all this is to work on the prey drive of these dogs. Fans have been fixed at a particular point on the field as well, to cool off the environment around here. Zarro and Princess were the most active out here and they appeared to be enjoying the chase.

The other two dogs were rarely running after the flags and did not seem captivated by this maybe due to their personalities. When they were not chasing the flags, these two were spending time lying down staring at the other two active dogs. As the dogs went about the activity, he took time to explain more about the fixtures around here.

The active dogs made good use of the water in the tabs and could be seen hoping into the water tabs at the edge of this piece of land from time to time to cool off. Zarro finally managed to get hold of one of the flags and through a command, he released it. He was giving commands on constant basis whenever he wanted either of these dogs to respond accordingly. He also had the GPS device with him to help him locate the dogs at any one time.