On this particular day, the plan was to visit a haunted house that was actually abandoned as earlier planned, along the C&O canal. This particular canal has lots of civil war history and American history as well. The teams set out for the trail while it was still day and by the time they got to the starting point, it was already dark.

By 12:19 a.m. all was set and the team was ready for midnight mushing. The woof driver gave a brief overview of what the team expected to achieve just before they took off and soon after this, both teams occupied the two springers they had brought by and started the journey.

After covering some considerable distance, they approached a tunnel just in time to catch a glimpse of a train running on the overhead rail line. Once they got through the tunnel, the team kept to the trail for some time before making a stopover to take some questions as the team leader made some commentaries. This was at around 1:32 a.m. and while they were at it, the park was treated to some water to quench their thirst.

Some structures could be located along the trail on one side among them being a small house and a couple of bridges. Moving on, the team located patches of well lit areas on the other side of the trail at different locations, which could be an evidence of houses with people living in them currently. Just before entering a region covered with trees on both sides of the trails, another abandoned house is uncovered in addition to other structures.

Once they got past the woods, the trail stretched out to an area with a cliff on the side that had different shades and this was part of the sites to behold along the C&O trail. At some point the team had to cross over the canal via a bridge that was extremely narrow and just before crossing, they took a breather at this point.

Soon after this, the chase bike developed some mechanical problem; it blew the transmission, which connects the electric motor to the pedals and immediately, a call was made to find help out of the situation that had just befallen them. When this happened, the team had covered about 11 miles and as they waited, they tried to see whether the bike could be fixed.

Once they got back on the trail again, it was already daybreak and this was one of those rare occasions when they have found themselves on the trail in the early hours of the morning. Once they had gotten past the canal bed, the team signed off just before calling in their colleagues at the next stopover.