Today’s story is on how to celebrate the 4th of July without fear. She says it is a special day because we are celebrating it early. She begins by reading a quote that says “Thorns may hurt you, men desert you, sunlight turned to fall but you are never friendless ever if you have a dog.” In the United States of America, one of our big celebrating holidays is the 4th of July and she found a description of what exactly the 4th of July is.

It is called the independence day. It is also referred to as the 4th of July. It is a federal holiday in the U.S. commemorating the adoption of the declaration of independence, which in July 4th 1776 was signed by the continental congress declaring that the 13 American colonies regarded themselves as a ne nation; the United States of America and that it was no longer part of the British empire.

This is a very tough day for our dogs and there are some things we need to bear in mind concerning this wonderful holiday. One of them is that we should not have fear because fear does nothing but action does everything. When we consider the word fear, there are several ways to look at it as shared by her and one of them is this;


This is one attitude and she explains that she does not want this. Here is the one she likes;

This is what fear is because it is something we conjure up. Experts say we are born with two natural fears. One is the fear of falling and the other is the fear of loud noise. So that means all other fears are learnt. Dogs seem to have the innate fear of loud noise because they do not know where it is coming from. Hence, with fireworks they get scared and they want to escape from where they are because they feel unsafe.

Worry will not make things happen and so we need to overcome fear and worry by taking action. She reads some tips by James on how to overcome fear;

  1. Create some atmosphere of normalcy. That is the best approach.
  2. Do not overcompensate pretending that nothing is happening but focus on something fun the dog could do when they are not anxious.

When the fireworks start, your dog could get scared and run away not knowing that it could get lost. Ensure that you keep your dog in especially during this holiday season and maybe have somebody sit with your dogs to calm them down during the loud bangs, if you will be outside watching fireworks.