Today’s session, is to show how important love is and what it does for your dog. She reads a quote by Grant which says, “There is nothing truer in this world than the love of a good dog” and goes on to share the story of Martinez and his dog Bear. Mario used to sell a paper called “The Contributor” and would have mats for the dog to lie on as he went about this activity.

On rainy days, Martinez had an umbrella for Bear and whenever it got too hot, he had a small fan for the dog. Though he had other dogs, Martinez loved Bear much more than the rest and had lost his job previously, which meant that he had to live in an old barn that had no electricity supply from then on.

Five years ago, Martinez bought his own house with savings from the sales he had made and he is running a successful landscaping business currently. She goes on to share the story of Dumby who had been brought to the Charleston Animal Society several times. The reason was because whenever he was adopted out, he kept running away and most of those that had adopted him, could not keep him.

What was interesting though was that Dumby seemed to be more comfortable in the shelter and whenever he broke out, he would still go back to the shelter. That is when it was discovered that his mission in life was to ensure that other dogs felt comfortable and she quotes one that says “Dumby has become a go-to-dog for behavioral tips,” this is in relation to other dogs.

She indicates that dogs express their love by being all over us when we return after being away for some time and in conclusion, she reads from her book; “Pawprints of Wisdom” a portion that says, though there are ups and downs, “What matters the most is love.”