Today was a neighborhood run on the scooter and as soon as they started out not so far from the starting point, a car stopped by and the voice from inside the car is one of an excited individual at the sight of the whole park. GiGi the Chinese crested dog the youngest of the dogs was also part of the park today.

From time to time he would alert the park to stop whenever he spotted something he needed to work on either of the dogs, the camera or the scooter as well. This happened several times throughout the run. At some point he spotted something up ahead the road that forced him to turn around and he advised the occupants in the chase car to check it out and revert to him after which they would decide whether to stick to the same route or not.

After a while the chase car caught up with him and he was advised that it was safe to keep on the same route as earlier planned hence, he turned around once again and proceeded. The park kept a good pace for a considerable stretch and the next stopover was to water the dogs to keep them hydrated.

While he was at it, one of the members in the team went out to survey the area to make sure it was clear for the dogs to proceed. Once he got word that the road was clear, they took off once again and this time round, GiGi was allowed to take a rest since the bigger dogs happened to be running faster and the small dog could not keep up with their pace.

From here, the team turned back and after covering some distance, there was another stop to water the dogs once again. Once alerted by the audience that he was hardly audible, he took time to check on the microphone as well and finally succeeded to get his voice on air clearly for the remaining part of the journey.

Whenever there was an oncoming car, he would have the park stop on the side to ensure that all were safe before proceeding. The team finally got back home to cool off at the pond next to the house.