Today they had just been on the road riding on the bike earlier and finally arrived at the horse track. It was a sunny day perfect for ruff boarding. Here the dogs were secured to the ruff board and GiGi the Chinese crested dog was here too on a leash. GiGi was later secured on the ruff board before they took off and today the Chinese crested dog was being introduced to the horse track.

The main track was quite sandy so he had to ride outside the track where it was less sandy. GiGi was not quite sure of the track since it was her first time here. Just beside the track, they got past a herd of cattle and on this particular section of the track, there were small stones hence, this turned out somewhat a bumpy ride.

The scooter was on motor at this point due to the resistance experienced while riding on the sand. Soon they took a break to water the dogs. When all dogs had quenched their thirst, they started on the track once again. The park got past more herds of cattle and this was good for GiGi’s training on remaining focused.

GiGi was doing quite well and after covering some miles, it was time for another drink for the dogs. During the break, he also took time to check in on the comments. After a short while, the team took off and the environment was pretty open out there, with a cool breeze blowing over it.

The bigger dogs kept a steady pace on the track, which was just perfect for GiGi and the better part of the track remained bumpy. He took another break to check in on the time left as the dogs got a drink. Getting the camera off the ruff board pole, he gave viewers a view of the track before signing off.