Today they started out setting up for a quick run just after a rainstorm that had been experienced a short while earlier on. This time round, they had opted to mount the camera up high, which gave a cool bird’s eye view of the team below and what was happening around as they got ready.

Once the dogs were safely secured, the team was all set to take off. For GiGi the Chinese crested dog, this was the third time she was going out running together with the other dogs. It was wet outside after the rains and this was a perfect environment and great weather as well for racing the dogs.

GiGi had not been outside running just after a rainstorm and so for her, this was rather an unusual experience and it was going to be interesting watching how she would react to this as well. Soon the park was on the road running and due to the unusual experience, GiGi was a little bit concerned and would stop occasionally to check around maybe to try and get accustomed to the surroundings and ensure that all was fine.

Whenever this happened, he was reassuring her and after this, GiGi was gaining the confidence to carry on. As was expected, the team was taking bathroom breaks whenever necessary and all the while, the chase car was following closely behind them. From above, the camera gave a great concave view of the ruff board, the park, the wet tarmac and any oncoming cars that drove past the team as well.

The route they had opted to use did not seem busy with traffic this day and sunrays could be seen piercing through the trees covering the road but the ground was still wet and therefore, just the perfect kind of atmosphere for racing the dogs. Along the way, GiGi was comfortable but could not hide her concern driven by the wet terrain that these dogs were racing on.

The motor on the ruff board was kept on to relieve the dogs of any pulling strain since they are usually not expected to pull while on the ruff board. At some point, the team encountered an oncoming car that was rather close to the park and he stopped the dogs to give way. For oncoming cars that were not coming close enough to the team, he was allowing the dogs to keep running since the distance between was safe.

Once they had covered some good distance along this road, the team took a u-turn at some point to head back home. By this time, the sun was already shining but the environment was still cool. A break to water the dogs was in order at some point at which time he also checked in on the comments.

While they were at it, the five minutes warning set in and it was time to pave way for the next coverage by Barbara Kurtman. Shortly after this, they dismounted the overhead camera and signed off.