The session today was about the 3 Ps. In his definition, the 3 Ps represent Presentation, Praise and affection and Possibilities.
a) Presentation
A dog is not as interested in what you are saying or the words you are saying, of the topic or subject matter. They are more interested in your presentation. What he means by this is what you are presenting with your body language, with your voice, with the confidence of your voice and with the confidence of your body language.

Are you submissive, are you strong, are you confident, are you weak or are you scared. Presentation is an unspoken energy and your dog is picking up more on the truth of what you are presenting.

b) Praise and affection
These are valuable to a dog and help with training, teaching, your relationship with them, trust love and the self esteem of your dog. That is why when we are over praising a dog without balancing that with discipline, the dog gets such a self esteem that births an ego and they think that they are going to be king of the house and that they will run everything.

That is why we need to balance praise and affection with discipline and structure. A dog can become very possessive about praise and affection because they are very important to them. When you get your dog to do what you want, you want to praise them calmly. Think of praise and affection as giving cheques and money and strike a balance in this case.

c) Possibilities
Human beings project into the future, something that dogs do not do. They think of what if, what the possibilities are and what could happen or might happen. Contrary to this, your dog is living in the moment; from moment to moment. When an individual is fearful and they get to portray it at the sight of danger, this is projected onto their dog as well.

Hence, we are teaching the dog that when there is another dog approaching or there is another issue, that makes us nervous and therefore, they should be nervous. If we display fear, the dog realizes that we are not in control and begins imagining that it is their job by default to protect when danger shows up.
Rather than projecting fear, we want to project “I got this.” That we have all in control and even if you are nervous, try and fake it. This helps your dog relax because they feel that someone else is taking control. The first instinct in a dog’s mind is survival skills and that is why you need to demonstrate to your dog that you have got it and that you are in control.

This is a gift you give your dog since it is a deep need inside dogs. They have the desire to be led, to have a leader to protect them and look out for them.