Today he started by sharing about a woman that has her first dog from a rescue; sight and see and who based the adoption on thinking the dog was cute and her love for the dog. It turned out that the dog was full of past behavior that it brought from its history. Nothing much is known about its history but what is known is that the dog bites.
The woman was committed to learning how to work with the dog, what to do best but she lives in a 2nd floor apartment with a large dog, no fenced yard, a history of aggression and biting and she is a first time owner. This is quite a lot to contend with and just the same way people can be mismatched, dogs can be matched with the wrong people as well.
If you have a milder energy, milder approach to life and you have an aggressive dog that comes from a background that’s biting and aggressive and the dog is on 10 and you are dealing with it on level 4, 5 or 6, that dog will overpower you with its instinct and aggression. Once you start living with such a dog, you begin depending on them and the dog begins to depend on you and by and by, you get to where you feel that you cannot part with them but the dog is more than you can handle.
A dog is a park animal. They are social; they are bred to be social with us and with other dogs. If they are kept together with other dogs in the first few weeks of life, they learn a huge amount of teaching, house training among other things. With a human in a home for the first few months of life, dogs learn a lot about life and how to be social.
Therefore, if a dog is pulled away from its mother too soon, it is thrown into a shelter, if a dog doesn’t have a park it can rely on, if it does not get human interaction and socialization, it will bend the dog’s view of life to a great extent. That is why putting a dog in a shelter is viewed as locking it behind bars. When a dog is eventually brought from the shelter to a nice home with nice people and given treats from time to time, this will be appreciated but when other people come, it will revert to the tough attitude.
In this case, the dog has developed an overt sense of security and it is a dangerous position for you to be in. Beyond this, he believes that dogs can also suffer post traumatic stress disorder. They can suffer from something bad that could have happened to them such as abandonment, neglect, among other things. Often the dog develops reactions to things.
If you have a dog that is beyond you, you need to think about what is best for the dog. Because if you are hanging onto a dog to satisfy your own needs, this is not good either. So, long before you adopt a dog, think through these things; am I the right person for this dog? Am I equipped to handle this much dog? Take the dog for walks? Take them into various situations and see what the dog is going to be like before you go home with them.
Sometimes when a dog goes through a long trauma like a long road trip, they can become exhausted or shut down and we can confuse this for a dog that is so relaxed and happy. But at times, they are just coming out of their shell or relaxing after the long trip and pretty soon, they become their normal self.
When we change and go into a new environment, dogs will not view this change as fun but will view it as being challenging and difficult. At such a time, a dog is looking for a confident, firm leader that says “I got you.” This helps the dog realize there is an alpha dog that is in control. Hence, it is wise to find a dog that fits your lifestyle.
Over and above considering whether you can live with your dog for 15 years, you also need to consider whether you can provide for the dog and fulfill its needs in its lifetime. Be cautious about responsible rescues and responsible shelters because there are many shelters that will convince you by all means to get that dog out the door.
That is due to the fact that they are dealing with a high volume. Therefore, make your own judgment, look past what people are saying on the surface, meet your dog and work with your dog before you decide to commit to them for years to come.