Today he reviewed some of the previous sessions he had done that he deemed important. He started by reviewing a story about a Siberian husky he had worked with and indicated that this is a high energy breed that shows signs of the need to be engaged from an early age. The husky he worked with was 5 months old by the name Misty and was a smart dog in that after practicing on something with her several times, she would get it.

He indicated that he bases his training on the way dogs communicate with each other and that he is also a get to the point kind of trainer. Just as is the case of going to class, he teaches behaviors and helps you train your dog when he pays you a visit at home not only the general aspects of training but also those things you want your dog to do.

Going back to the husky story, he indicated that where Misty lived, there were two teenagers and their parents in addition to two other smaller dogs. The chiwawa in the house happened to be the dominant one. Misty was meant for the son in the house, the chiwawa for their daughter while the third was considered more of a family dog.

He noted that as would be expected, there is a tendency to incline on one dog in such a setting but a balance of all dogs in the park is very important. This is due to the fact that dogs want to know the leader in terms of where to start in the order of things. In this particular home, there was no real structure and the dogs would fight each other over some things.

The little chiwawa was leader of the park here and he suggests that this is not attached to the size of the dog but rather what a dog believes. He noted that dogs exhibit traits of an alpha dog or mid level dog right from the puppy stage and they do not live in pretense; they are just who they are and what you see is what you get.

When dealing with an alpha dog, you need not take away their self esteem but let them know you are a notch higher above them. The chiwawa would get on top of the seat to dominate the environment or would lie on ones lap to capture their attention. As such, when you push an alpha dog when training them, they will push back and in such a case, you need to stand your ground and win the moment without fighting or hurting the dog.

Humans tend to use a lot of words, try to reason with dogs, can hardly understand why dogs do not seem to get it and that is because they do not put it to them in simple enough terms. When you have a puppy in the house, you need to respect the older dogs because they will make it easier for you to raise your puppies.

He noted that you need a relationship with your dogs whereby you fulfill their needs and they fulfill yours too while avoiding any selfish motive. He indicates that “come” is the most important command you can teach your dogs and when they respond, you can give them treats and appreciate them as well after which you allow them to continue with what they were engaged in.