In today’s session, he mentioned that he has been asked to speak at the National Convention for Yorkie Rescue. This will be in Nashville on 2nd September. He plans to customize the seminar to Yorkshire terriers. He mentions that he would love to share on some of the things that are commonly overlooked with training a Yorkshire terrier or a small dog similar to this breed.
Small dogs are primarily adopted to fulfill the needs of the one adopting them. But if people think in terms of the dog’s point of view, it is a little bit unnatural to be carried all the time, to be up in someone’s arms all the time, to be put into someone’s face all the time among other things.
Smaller breeds do not get the chance to be a dog much of the time. They are not left on all fours all the time and this can create serious problems that we are not even aware of. For example, when you pick up a dog, they feel out of control. Hence when you carry your dog, you are restricting them. As a result, dogs are incapable of making the decision to fight or fright.
That is why small dogs like the chiwawa will lush out when people reach out to them. Balance the time when you are carrying them and when they are on all fours. The other thing that happens when we carry small dogs and meet with people, we tend to greet them and hug them. This forces the dog’s face on the other person and this is very dominant and the dog might not desire this.
When we raise a dog this way, we create a series of problems that that would not be there in the case of a well balanced dog. Another consideration is that when we carry small dogs we are often baby talking, loving, really sweet and we do not balance that with structure and discipline.
So the dog only gets love and affection from us, which makes us appear wonderful but that we are not strong and cannot handle a situation. Hence, if we are not strong, dogs may feel that we are weak and soft and this might feel weird to them. The other thing is that as we carry these dogs, we are also restricting them from normal bathroom habits, normal in and out of the yard, normal leash habits or even from following us all the time.
Just like larger breeds, small dog breeds have the same instincts and same needs. He goes on to share more of his experiences as a dog trainer. One time he went to a home and they had an American bull dog that was hardcore aggressive. The man in the family owned the dog, he met his fiancée, they got married and as the couple grew and the violence from the dog grew stronger and stronger.
The dog was always protective, always unwilling to be social with any other human being but the owner and once the owner got married to the woman, the dog begun to defend her, defend her husband as well as defend everyone to a higher extreme. This dog seemed to growl since the moment he entered the door and never stopped.
So you could not tell whether it was a warning or not because it was continuous. The first thing they did was sit down and discuss about the issue and the dog sat at the woman’s feet facing him while leaning forward and growling. This was very threatening. Eventually he worked with the dog but one time it locked on one of his fingers.
So he grabbed the dog by the collar and pushed the finger in and got loose. He adds that he does not recommend this and no one should be tempted to try this. Blood gushed out from his finger but even so, the dog did not calm down and they got him back to the kennel safely. It was then that the couple opened up about how aggressive the dog was.
Ultimately, he had to leave the decision of what action to take to the couple. In another experience he shares about two men that always brought every other dog home without thinking about it. They had 7 dogs and decided to bring in a Great Dane that they found. When they brought this one in, it got attacking everyone.
He was called in to help with the Great Dane and as he spoke with the owners with the dog on a leash, the Great Dane hit the back of his calf so hard. The dog was pulled off him by one of the men and they continued training and were glad to see the dog improve.