In today’s session he talks about equipment necessary for a training session. He believes that training is less about the equipment and more about your relationship with your dog. This means that your dog will listen to you, obey you and want to work with you if you are someone they respect.

So when a tool is used, it is a method of last resort in his opinion. He believes in using the least amount of correction to achieve the behavior that one is looking for. He suggests getting down to one word commands and words that are dominant since by these, you have more power to them.

If your dog is well behaved in the house, they are denying their own nature to make you happy because they love you so much. So, for you to scream at a mistake, be frustrated or hit the dog, this is really unfair. In his experience, much misbehavior comes about with dogs because we have waited so long to address the issues.

Just like a child, your dog has its development stages too, they just happen to happen in shorter increments and earlier. If you have a puppy 8 weeks old, 2 months old, 6 months old, those are the times to be really working with your dogs, training them, getting them ready for life. This will include how to interact with other dogs, people and how to be polite at home.

He states that his training approach is based on how dogs communicate with each other and anyone who applies this approach, their dog will understand what they are doing immediately. It is really about the relationship. You establish the rules in a way a dog understands with love and firmness, discipline and structure as well as affirmation and rewards. So as to ensure that there is a balance in that relationship.

When it comes to equipment, he starts with the minimum necessary to achieve the results needed. So he starts with a regular collar and a regular leash. These help show the dog that he is in control not in a mean way but in a way that they cannot run off or dodge away from him, or get 20 feet away and stay out of reach. Such also give him access to quick correction.

For younger dogs, he uses treats to start with and when the dog is older, he uses less of treats. But there are cases where you will run into a dog that is hardcore aggressive, may be dangerous, so wild that it scares people and these cases can get into a life a death situation especially for the dog.

He advises that one should never opt for higher level restrictive tools/corrective tools on their dog without consulting professional. He indicates that a spiked collar should be used as the last resort for correcting some dogs because it is designed to feel like bite on the dog’s neck when it is pulled tight and it can actually puncture your dog’s neck.

In place of this, he recommends a sporn halter and indicates that this is a more humane alternative. When this halter is tugged, it gives a tug underneath the dog’s arms which is an unpleasant sensation but not mean or cruel at all.