Today it was a full moon night that revealed the beauty of the C&O canal and its surroundings. The team took advantage of this by taking as many photos as possible of the beautiful landscape. Special guest Curtis Wimer the paranormal expert was with the team and before they stopped at one of the bridges along the trail that had a tunnel underneath it to capture some shots, they had already explored a lock house.

This was in an effort to find out whether there was any kind of paranormal activity. Along the way the park picked up a scent and sure enough up ahead, the team ran into an individual who was walking up the trail at the wee hours of the night. Thereafter, they got to a railway line that crossed the Potomac River on a bridge at some point. This was a beautiful sight in the bright light of the moon and more photos were taken here.

All this took place at Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, which is an area that is quite populated along the C&O canal. Later on they stopped once again this time to water the dogs and at this point they captured some orbs, which was an indication of paranormal activity along this trail. A passenger train passed across the trail on the overhead rail line as they approached a tunnel and the park seemed to be accustomed to the sound of passing trains; they were not distracted in any way and kept to the trail.

On one side of the trail, the team discovered another lock house but they could not access it to explore the existence of paranormal activity in there. This night the team did not encounter much wildlife along the way and as they started out, the environment was quite warm but as they kept going, it got a bit chilly. The chilly environment was just perfect for the dogs.

The bike they were using this night had an issue and they decided to find out whether it would hold to the end by engaging one of the support members via radio call. Only 4 miles were remaining at this point before wrapping up on this. They were later on met by one of the support team members at the gates who took some time to check on the bike.

They would have wrapped it here but some team members had not arrived yet. Hence, they had to cover the remaining distance to catch up with them. Setting out once more, not very far from this point they found a small tent that suggested a camper was spending the night there. Several gates could be seen along this trail and just before they got to the next one, they rode past an area that is said to be where some of the original war bunkers are located, which may be used in future should such a need arise.

Past this location, the team got to what is probably a water plant and here several inhabited structures could be seen just before the next gate. It was almost daybreak and by the time the team got to the lock house where they explored the evidence of paranormal activity, it was already early morning. This happened to be their pick up point as well.

Voices had been captured earlier and as the expert engaged them in a conversion, a special machine used in such activities recorded a drop in temperatures around and on request through the conversation a rise in temperature was noted. This was surely an indication of paranormal activity around here.