Today it was a midnight mushing session that was expected to run through the night up to the early hours of the morning. The huskies had their leashes attached to a special bike called a springer that was about 10 feet with two of the fastest on the lead. Curtis Wimer the paranormal expert was the special guest of the day.

The plan was to get to visit a partially abandoned house that was in dilapidated condition towards the end of the race that was taking place on the C&O canal trail. This trail dates back to the 1700s and is 184.5 miles long. This trail parallels the Potomac River and they were going to cover a distance of between 10 to 15 miles.

One special aspect of the C&O canal trail is that it has a lot to do with the American history. At some point, the team bumped onto a sign post that read,
“McCoys Ferry
On May 23rd 1861, confederates attempting to capture the ferry boat on McCoys landing were driven off by the clear spring guard. Here on October 10th 1862, General J.E.B. Stuart crossed the Potomac on a second ride around McClellan’s army.
Marilyn Civil War San Antonio Commission.”

Beneath this spot was an underground tunnel and the team proceeded looking forward to discover more on this trail. After covering a certain distance, a park ranger confronted them. The woof driver explained to the ranger that the team was racing dogs in the night since it was cooler around this time and that this is something he has been doing for a while now.
What appeared to be of great concern to the ranger was the fact that the team had professional cameras and other equipment used by popular media and if this was the case, they had to have a permit according to the ranger’s argument. He asked to see some form of identification and verified the same when they were handed over to him.

The officer engaged the woof driver on a number of questions as he sort specific details. Eventually, before granting them a verbal permit to proceed, the officer insisted that one required a permit to do what the team was engaging in and the woof driver agreed to seek more information regarding the same and get the necessary documents.

On various occasions, the team has been engaged in these kinds of expeditions and this is something they have never experienced at any one time. This is the best thing with night adventures; you never know what to expect. It was after this experience that deeper into the woods on this trail that the team ran into an abandoned house. They stopped by to check it out but they could not gain access to it for a paranormal hunting inside.

Down the trail as they covered more ground, they came past Four Locks; an area with houses that have people dwelling in them currently. They had to try and keep their voices down at this point, since it was late in the night. A gentle slope at a certain point on the C&O canal trail uncovered an old lock house that dates back to the late 1700s.

People that controlled the lock stayed here and controlled the water flow on the canal. Once again, they made a stop over by the old house and Wimer the paranormal expert set a spirit detection box by the front door of the house. The point was to try and listen to any sounds that would be captured and the box was expected to light up in the process, signaling the evidence of paranormal activity within the house.

Nothing was detected here and this particular house was also inaccessible. Opposite the abandoned house, the woof driver discovered a wall through the help of his night vision camera. The wall was part of the remains of the canal built in the early days and had a tunnel with a spillway inside the tunnel as well, which the woof driver explored briefly before leaving the scene.

Further into the journey heading for their planned destination, the team came to this spectacular view along the Potomac River that had a cliff on one side, the river on the other and the trail passing between the two. Usually, this area is mostly quiet and here, they were able to capture some of the best shots of the beautiful scenery.

Moving on, a baby deer was traced at a certain spot and the team spent some time here getting some shots of the baby deer. After this, the trail finally led the way to their destination; the haunted house that was a bit dilapidated. Once they got inside the house, they discovered the low lying ceiling and a huge wolf spider was located on one of the pillars inside the house.

The military grade spirit detection box captured some sounds and the team followed the sound up the steps that led to the upper room inside the house. In this room they found a lot of spiders on the walls and a funny sound that was not originating from their equipment was also heard. It was not really clear what this sound was.

A voice was captured by the spirit box that kept telling them to go home and the team tried to engage the voice by responding back to see if there would be any developments. The voice engaged them in some kind of conversation as well and in the process, some members in the team felt some cold air sweeping across the house on different occasions.

It was an eerie atmosphere in there and when the unseen being was urged to light up the spirit box that had been placed on the window frame, the camera actually captured the lit up box twice, before it went off. The team had certainly achieved what they went seeking that particular night.