Albee the Airedale Terrier is the largest of the terriers and stands square in appearance.
But still has clearance
To crawl under a table to hide for insurance
His head is long and flat
And he is glad it’s like that
So any rainfall rolls off
Should he get wet
Albee the Airedale
Albee the Airedale
When he is at the park
And it’s getting near dark
He like to know there’s
Some water he can drink
Waiting in the car
On the ride home he’ll be thinking about his bone that he is gonna get
For being such an obedient doggie pet
Albee the Airedale
Also like to take a sail
On our boat
Or run a trail
Either way he loves to get out
Sniff and play all about
Kinda like an Eagle Scout
That’s Albee the Airedale
Albee the Airedale