Buddy the Bloodhound is a kind, patient, noble, mild-mannered lovable dog
But beware as his owner to be super patient when training him
Or letting have the holiday egg nog,
Got to give him lots and lots of mental and physical exercise
Or Buddy can be hard to handle
And you will definitely have that to recognize
Buddy the Bloodhound
Now Buddy went through puberty between 1 and 2 years young
And thanks to his firm pack leader
He ends up among those very very well obedient ones,
That’s Buddy the Bloodhound
So great to have him around
Buddy will let the little children clamber all over him cause he loves all that attention
He receives from them,
Buddy the Bloodhound
Keeps his nose to the ground,
Tracking a scent until it’s found,
Buddy the Bloodhound