Uriah the Eurasier is our spitz breed developed in the 1960s by Prof. Julius Wipfel in Germany by combining Chow Chow, Wolfspitz (Keeshonden) and Samoyed.
With so much ease Uriah the Eurasier is robust enough to live outdoors but rather be indoors and have you as his companion,
His close family bonds;
Its demeanor toward strangers is reserved,
Not odd making him an excellent watchdog.
His soft, luxurious, medium length coat requires every other day brushing
And he even looks a bit like he should be mushing like the WooFPAK huskies,
Uriah being a Northern breed,
Also known as a spitz dog,
Is defined by his geographical background.
Born of the north,
Suited to the harsh,
Cold climate…is his forte,
Uriah the Eurasier