Shih-tzu-illustration-IlliustrationIzzy the Shih-tzu is kind of a bossy guy

His small dog syndrome is probably the reason why

But he is a good protector

Got that top knot tied on his header

Looks like a bun beauty shop done

All of them have one

Izzy the Shih-tzu

Yes he’s a Shih-tzu

That’s Izzy the Shih-tzu

Now let me mention something

that’s gonna be a pain

the fact that Izzys breed is

Difficult to house train

So Izzy don’t make me dizzy and poop on my brand new shoes

So lets go out do you business I shout

Izzy the Shih-tzu

Is he Izzy the Shih-tzu?

Yes! He’s Izzy the Shih-tzu