The story today was about Paul the famous musician cum dog lover who celebrated his birthday recently. Paul confirmed that when The Beatles recorded their 1967 album, they placed a sound that only dogs can hear. She did an experiment later on her dog and amazingly, the dog popped up her ears in response to that specific sound placed in the recording.

There are a couple of fun things you can have for your dog and the most popular is the GPS device and mostly, it is fixed on a dog’s collar and there are varieties of these available out there. She gives an example of the Garmin Alpha GPS device that can be used to track more than one dog, has a bird’s eye view and satellite imagery for directions and locating trails as well. The best thing would be to identify the variety that best suits you among the various options available.

Other products include;

  • A tangle free leash – it helps you to walk two dogs at once but the opinion from various sources is that this leash works well for small dogs and that it would not be the best option for bigger ones. She also displays an image of this particular leash.
  • The peck cube – is an audio and visual cube to communicate with your dog when you are away from home. You can also give commands to the dog via the cube and take some photos as well.
  • The canine water stall – this is a gigantic box with 16 water jet nozzles and a shower head. It cleans your dog in an enclosed space and is capable of reaching those hard to reach areas. It is possible to direct the shower head using your hand and the shelf is moveable hence, the big box can serve most dogs.
  • The woof washer 360 – it features a water and shampoo spraying hula hoop design that passes over the dog. Some dogs were found to be uncomfortable with this one and there could be various reasons for this.

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