Today the story was about a suprising yet affectionate bond between cats and dogs that can help save cheetahs from extinction in the wild. In zoos across the U.S. Cheetahs are gaining a sense of confidence and comfort from dogs, which are placed with the cubs when they are little babies.
The dogs calm disposition helps the cheetahs feel safe and calm and they are able to thrive in both Africa and zoos. 8 week old cheetah cubs Camal and Winspear and their canine companion 8 week old Amani met in public for the first time at the Dallas zoo recently. The unusual trio was introduced to each other when they were all a little older than 3 weeks old.
In another story of an unusual pairing, Rusty and Birdy do not look like they have a lot in common. They are both playful, love company and seem crazy about each other. From day one, Rusty and Birdy got on like a house on fire. The owner says Birdy always looked for company and warmth and Rusty was always more than happy to be of assistance.
In the morning, Birdy would start chirping so Rusty would come to wake the owner up so they could both go and feed him. At the moment, Birdy’s favorite point to perch is on Rusty’s chair. Birdy lokes to hang in the house but regularly spents time outdoors. She shares about Pokémon Go that is not only meant for collecting fictional monsters.
An animal shelter in Indiana is using the popular app to collect dog walkers. According to ABC News, the Indiana shelter is attracting Pokémon Go players with a program called Pokémon Dogs. The volunteer program promises app users a chance to get their steps in, catch Pokémon and hatch virtual eggs all while helping adaptable dogs.
The shelter director thought of the idea after watching his daughter and niece play Pokémon Go at home. “I started playing with Ruthie and it was actually pretty funny,” said the shelter director. “Then the other day as I was driving to work, I noticed droves of young people walking around playing this game and I thought; wouldn’t it be great if all those people were walking with our dogs?”
So he created a flyer for his Pokémon Go brain child and posted on the shelter’s Facebook page where the ad quickly earned over 50,000 shares. Those numbers are translating to people actually coming to the shelter and wanting to walk all the dogs. They have 75 dogs there. Many are also volunteering to walk the dogs while playing the game.
In another story, Baltimore’s Ravens player Jeremy Zutton and his fiancée Heran Haile were planning a wedding down at the city hall but then they find out that somebody in their wedding party was not allowed to attend. This happened to be the player’s dog. So they found him and decorated him. His name is Ace and the two could not imagine getting married without him.