Today the first story was about little Sweepy who had competed 3 times and on the 3rd time, she finally won. Jason said the 4 pound dog was a gift to his ex-wife. After the couple divorced, he kept Sweepy because his ex-wife thought that she was ugly. He gushed about her baby soft freckle skin and the legendary blonde Mohawk.

Then one of the judges tweeted and said “Ooh well, she got extra points for an oozing sore.” Amidst all this, her owner was so excited and said all wonderful things about the dog. After the tweet by the judge, other people started tweeting indicating that Sweepy should not have been part of the contest.

Meanwhile, the owner kept insisting that her dog had no sores. A different person who was not the owner wrote on a paper and started complaining saying; “Why are you saying my dog has sores?” The details were later tracked down only to find out that they were not written by the owner of the dog.

Eventually, it was discovered that there was another dog named Ekkie that had canine acne. Sweepy had no sores at all. In other stories, in Japan there is a new coffee house called The Dog Salon Living Room where one can have a cup of coffee and play with 11 pugs. It is 500 Yen for an hour’s pug playing or coffee.

If you do twice this, you gain access to unlimited beverages and unlimited pug playing. She shares of a barber who lost his hand in a horrible fireworks accident in Chicago. The victim was able to retrieve part of the hand with a dog. The victim was setting off fireworks in the alley when the accident happened.

“I remember looking at my hand and there was no hand there, no fingers, no nothing” the victim said. Paramedics were able to locate 2 of his fingers in the alley and he put them on ice. But hours after the incidence, the majority of the culprits hand was still missing until his neighbor let her dog out in the yard and the dog came back with his hand in his mouth.

The hand was later reattached and there was mobility in it. In a different story, a British teacher has been bombarded with hate messages after accidentally advertising the adorable puppies she was selling as terror puppies. A pup was born 8 weeks ago and the dad is Roger; a Pat and Dale Terrier, which is a British type of Terrier. So the pups are terrier and not terror and this is what she meant. She says “I can’t believe that people thought I was advertising vicious pups