In today’s session, she starts by sharing a story from Ohio of a mother that was visiting her graduate student at the University of Ohio. She offered to bring her daughter’s 8 week old puppy with her, which was like a chihuahua terrier mix. At some point, she took the puppy out to go to the bathroom and as both mother and daughter watched the dog, it went snap.
Patty the mother ran to the place the dog was and looked around wondering what could have happened. That is when she identified the sewer clean out pipe that was supposed to have a cap on the top. The sewer pipe was small and the puppy who was a pound and a half fell inside it.
Patty heard a shriek as the puppy hit the bottom and she did not hear anything else. So they called the cops and the Lucas County Canine Care and Control. All responded and as they were looking down there, the dog started making noise again and they were happy that she was still alive.
The pipe was about 12 feet deep and Tom Quinn came with a long pole with a loop in the end. After about an hour, Tom was able to loop the dog and pulled her up and she was doing great. The pup was taken to the vet and Lulu is just fine. Later the woman and her daughter got a cake and went over to the shelter and gave Tom Quinn and all the workers there a big cake just to thank them for everything they did.
She quotes the woman who said “He didn’t give up, he was very calm, not irritated or anything. He was awesome.” She shares another story about an app that claims it will get other people to pick up your dog’s poop when you are out for a walk. Here is how it works.

  • Poopers are what they call the person with the dog who was doing the pooping, who is expected to pay a monthly subscription.
  • Once your dog does the business, take a picture and send it to the app. Then nearby scoopers swing by to clean it up. They say it can be viewed as Uber for poop.
  • Poopers can subscribe for 3 different plans ranging from $5 to $35. The website claims that such a service is economical and good for the environment. All scoopers use recyclable, compostable bags and have a secure sign in. so you have no headaches, no worries, get back to playing with your dog.

According to the website, the app is being tested in San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles. In a different story, she shares about Nancy a photographer who has a new book out called “Senior Dogs across America.” She has 3 dogs and they were starting to age a little bit when she decided that she would like to go across the country and take pictures of these dogs that were senior dogs.
The book she has written contains 86 photos of dogs that have remained happy, loyal and persistent as they matured alongside their human companions. She continues with another story of a company in the UK that created the first dog operated TV remote. Dan Reeves, who created the remote together with Animal Computer Design, explains that they wanted to create a remote that dogs could use to entertain themselves.
You can only get the remote in blue or yellow because they say dogs cannot see green and red.