In today’s session she starts by sharing about a little dog that got his head stuck in a jar of trail mix. The panicked dog owners did not know what to do when they brought their jar headed dog to the fire station. The firemen spokesperson said the dog got into the hard plastic jar to steal the trail mix inside and could not get out. The owners tried to get it off but were unsuccessful.

The first thing the guys did was cut the bottom so the dog could get some air to breath and then they started cutting down the sides of the jar with trauma shear scissors. He notes that this does not happen always. When he got free, he was too happy and the owners were very happy too.

In another story, a cloning clinic in South Korea has a steady flow of clients who are seeking clones of their beloved dogs. These people have a very strong bond with their pts and cloning offers a psychological alternative to the traditional method of just letting the pet go and keeping their memory.

With cloning, you have a chance to bring back the pets and the process involves harvesting a mature cell from the dog and then they transfer the DNA of the donor egg to a donor egg that does not have anything in it. The cell and the egg are then fused with an electrical jolt and the embryo is put into a surrogate mother dog after which you get a pup in about two months.