Today was about differing news from various towns on issues touching pets. She shares a story about a zombie dog from Merrimack, New Hampshire. This is in connection to a photo that had been posted by the police department of what appeared like a coyote on the run and since the image was not clear, people referred to it as the zombie dog.

The police department advised that the animal was vicious and that her pups were moving around and anyone who spots the animal, should leave it alone. Some had all kinds of weird ideas upon seeing the image that had been posted while others assumed that it was a hoax. All the same, the public was on high alert to call in the police to come and get it as soon as it would be spotted.

Next was the story of one Gary who was driving his limo across Brooklyn Bridge to pick a customer when he spotted a dog running under a moving car. He was utterly shocked by this and stopped immediately. With some help, he managed to bring the dog back to his limo after which he called 911 to find out whether anyone was missing their dog. Later on, he took the dog to the 19th precinct in Manhattan from where the owner was traced through the help of a microchip on the dog. Gary was so happy when the dog was finally traced back to the owner.

In other news, Kale Chips the dog that weighed 86 pounds was transferred from Chicago Animal Control to One Tale At a Time some time last year. The owner of the dog could not take care of her since she was losing her memory. Chips was overly obese and was unable to stand on his own. A foster family took her in and put her on a strict diet that yielded positive results.

Chips finally began moving around and is now a healthy 44 pound dog and the foster family eventually became a forever family for Chips. Some of the tips shared for identifying obesity in dogs are;

  • Feeling the side of the dog in which one is supposed to feel the ribs. If you cannot feel them, then, the dog is obese.
  • Looking above the dog should reveal the waist line and if it cannot be traced, then, the dog is obese.

The story of Lake a six months old dog from Oklahoma City is also worth sharing. Lake got into trash where she found a half empty bottle of glue and fed on it. Later on that night, the owner Crystal William realized that Lake was vomiting and on searching on Google “what happens when you swallow super glue with no luck,” she called in Dr. Leonardo for help.

Lake required immediate surgery that took two hours and what was pulled out of her was a cramp of bits of bottle and grass. After the surgery, the doctor indicated that Lake got back to her normal playful self in a matter of hours.