WooFDriver News! June 29, 2016


The story today is about how one can lose their dog easily by taking them out for one of those usual activities and in this case it was a grooming activity. It is often disturbing how one can go to pick their dog from a groomer only to be given the wrong one and the reason for this is not satisfactory enough.

She tells of a story of one Queens New York family that innocently takes their $2000 dog for grooming at puppy land. The Shih Tzu dog is left in the hands of a groomer and the obvious expectation for Sandra who is the dog owner is that the dog is in good hands and in a safe environment.

Unfortunately, this did not turn out so. Upon returning to fetch her dog, Sandra is given the wrong dog and in the midst of curiosity informs the groomer that the dog given to her was somewhat looking different. Shockingly, when she asks why the pup has shorter hair, the groomer responds by saying that the puppy has had a haircut.

Obviously, it goes without saying that this is somewhat a vague reason and on closer scrutiny, Sandra notes that the dog she has now has no microchip yet her Shih Tzu puppy named hope had one. She then decides to leave and goes ahead to seeking for assistance in tracing the dog by reporting the matter to the police.

Footage on surveillance cameras is checked and it reveals a woman leaving Puppy Land with the supposedly puppy Hope. One fails to understand how such a woman could do this even if she preferred Hope to her puppy and the worst part is that no contact details have been found so far that could help trace the woman in question. The search for puppy Hope is still on and anyone with information about her as per the images captured of her is requested to contact the relevant persons.