Before reading a story she starts by asking whether one has ever thought that their dog might be possessed. She goes on into the story of a dog spa in Japan that offers pampering plus a service to drive out evil spirits in your dog. The pet exercise and plan includes a room for two humans and their dog, breakfast, dinners and of course the removal of evil spirits; all for $430.

According to the website, dogs in what they call unlucky health years are more prone to being possessed. 7 year old, 10 and 13 year old dogs need to be careful of their health. It is easier for them to get aging diseases according to what the spa says. She shares about a famous country music star whose popularity is attached to his dog named Jake.

He stayed with Jake for 15 years and he just announced that Jake did pass away. The country music star wrote about the dog and said “Rest in peace pal. Jake has been with me through every phase of my career before he had a publishing deal, before he even had a gig.” Jake had cancer and medics tried chemo but it could not work.

The star says “when I got first got my gigs downtown, he will be waiting there in the window seal. He actually wore out a little spot in the couch where he would wait for me. I would come home late and he would be sitting in the window putting in his time.” The star also honored Jake with a song called “Can’t be replaced” and he adds “for 15 years right by my side, from single man to three kids and a wife. Friends come and go but when it comes to Jake, there are some things that cannot be replaced.”

In other news she shares of a new program in Brooklyn New York City that is finding a new way to use dog poop. Pet owners at Williamsburg East River can now fling their doggy poo into two new compost pits. The dung will be mixed with untreated saw dust and cooked and cured before being sluggard around the park gardens. It was thought that this idea would be bought but others did not like it because the place just stinks.