The team was out in the farm today where there was some work going on. He introduced the whole park inside the dog bus as well as a tour of the layout of the vehicle’s dashboard and the ATV that was standing by as well. The ATV had a rock on one of the rear wheels that took off the shoe and they had a flat tire that had to be fixed.

All dogs were still inside the dog bus waiting to get the ATV fixed. He opened one of the doors of the dog bus and Princess hoped out. He allowed her to roam nearby as he loaded the ATV with cameras in readiness for this day’s ride. Once everything was set, he released the other dogs from the bus and they started off the expedition.

He brought Jim today to help film the events that would be taking place. First, they went deep into the woods and Zorro stopped to roll on the dry leaves. Down a slope the dogs found their way to the stream for a drink and to cool off as well. Princess and Zorro took some time to roll on the ground here and they appeared to be enjoying their time.

There was a little confrontation between 2 of the dogs but they soon went back to racing. The team stopped at a stream once again to allow the dogs to cool off once again. He walked down the river with the camera to get a clear view of each of the dogs and after spending some good time here, he went back to the ATV, called the dogs and they all proceeded together.

The terrain they were using has some patches that were quite muddy and he had to find a way to navigate his way to catch up with the dogs ahead of him. After rejoining with them, the dogs took to flight right ahead of him before slowing down. On getting back on the trail that was quite an easy ride, he raced the dogs up the hill and all dogs ran past him to the top where there were structures and lush green grass around.

Taking a turn, he drove down the hill fast and waited on the dogs at the edge of the stream. The park came running apart from Jag who was left behind and came in fast later to join the rest of the dogs at the stream to cool off. As they spent some time here, he looked into the comments and answered some questions as well. As they started out again, two of the dogs took time to play and kept on as he raced them.

Soon they took time to rest again and after a while, they started off headed for the woods. The next stop was on top of a bridge where there was a small waterfall at the stream below and he allowed the dogs to go down into the stream for a sip and to cool off too. Thereafter, they took into the open field in a rush before entering the woods once again.

Princess stopped to mark the territory before rejoining the park. Princess together with the team in the ATV were left behind by the other dogs and later on, they found the rest of the park waiting on them. Driving fast down the slope, they went past Princess and up the hill they followed two dogs that were running fast.

In the midst of this, they bumped into a huge bird in the woods and stopped immediately to take some photos. He also called all the dogs to him and made them lie down. At some point they lost sight of the huge bird and it was around sunset by this time. As the dogs lay down, he took time to check in on the comments and answer some questions as well.

Upon alerting the dogs, they rose up and started off again. After going through the pine grove, Zorro was out of sight and on calling on him; he appeared after a while from behind them. Down an extended slope, the dogs were led to the stream to cool off and get some refreshing sips as well.

On crossing the stream, two of the dogs got into a confrontation as they played and this continued as the team proceeded to the nearby track. He immediately took a turn up a hill into the woods and all dogs followed fast running ahead past the ATV. Once again up the drive ahead, he drove fast and the park was running fast beside the ATV and took the lead when the ATV was back on the track once again as they headed back to the parking area.

Here each of the dogs took their position inside the dog bus after which he took off the collars on them and put these away safely.