He was at the big farm today with the dogs and after one of the farm equipments passed by and the road was clear, he let the huskies loose. Up ahead they found calves grazing and the park continued along the track at a steady pace. The vegetation on one side of the track was green while the other side was covered with dry vegetation.

After covering some distance, the team turned into the lush green fields and continued racing. Up the hill the dogs ran back to the track and continued on it. As they came down a hill, there was a distinct difference between the green field on the side of the track where the team was and the dried vegetation at a distance.

It was definitely a great sight to behold. The next part of this expansive field that the team accessed had tall grass on both sides of the path they were using and as the dogs explored a certain spot, a turkey vulture flew right in front of them. After this, the next spot they came too was quite muddy and right past this section; the team went into the woods and down to the stream where they spent time sipping on the waters and cooling off.

After some time, the team started on the trail in the woods and after dashing down the slope in the woods, they got to the stream once again. From this point, the park took a dash up a hill and then down a slope that led them back to the main track where there was a stream flowing across the same track.

Up a hill just after this stream, the team took a turn to the left and continued racing on a path with more green vegetation. At the end of this particular path, was a pond where the dogs spent time exploring the area and cooling off as well. Round the pond, the park took time to explore the area and play before taking a dash ahead of the ATV heading towards the main track.

For a considerable distance, the team kept to the main track and once they were off this track, they took to another field in a different farm that had pretty tall grass. Once the dogs stopped, he took time to take some photos of them. He also checked on the comments and responded to them as well.

There after all the dogs took some good time to lie on the ground. Princess was lying at a distance and after a certain period; she rose in readiness to leave as well as the rest of the dogs. They all took to flight from here heading for the main track. After taking a turn to the left from the main track, the team came to where there was farming equipment and they took time to rest here.

Starting off again the team took a turn once again, this time round to the grassy fields. He drove past the dogs and called them to him and as they came running, he took several shots before they proceeded onto a track with dry ground vegetation on one side and green ground cover on the other.

A drive down the slope following the dogs ahead of him revealed the beautiful landscape of the fields before them. To avoid taking the same route he had been on earlier, he took a turn to change the direction so they could explore other areas around here. As they came to the pond to cool off and get a drink, there was one of the farm equipments was at work in the background.

Once again, they took time to rest here as the work on the fields in the background continued. This was another awesome sight to behold and the sight of bird getting in the water at the pond before them was so cool. He took photos of some of the beautiful birds at the pond as well before signing off.