Today we are doing a parody of a song called “Driver’s seat” by Sniff ‘n The Tears. Basically, this will involve putting the vocal down with the new lyric that woof Driver has come up with and this will be phrased into the song using instrumental backing track of the same original.

The original lyric was;

Doing alright, a little driving on a Saturday night
And come what may, gonna dance the day away

The words to fill the gap will be;
Rolling at night, a little woof driving on the trail so right
Dogs love his way, little mush the trails all day

The lyric of the second original verse was;
Jenny was sweet, she always smile for the people she meet
On trouble and strive, she had another way of looking at life

The parody lyric to fit in here will be;
Dogs are so sweet, woof parks always smiles for the people they meet
Running is their life; there is no other way of feeding their hype

Earlier, we were working on the verse, which involved phrasing the parody lyric into the original song and at the moment, we will work on the chorus. We are going to add some harmonies to that so you can get the idea or process of how we build that up. First he plays the chorus of the original so we can hear what we will be working on.

Basically, the “driver’s seat” in the original chorus is being substituted with “woof driver’s call.” A two part harmony becomes part of the parody lyric. The first part is higher and the second lower. The lower harmony is to make the chorus a little bit bigger.

The whole idea is getting the original song for reference, putting that in the song writing program and then we need the instrumental version that involves putting the music together without any vocals. Thereafter, we get woof driver’s parody lyrics, which have great phrasing.