Today he started out from home and gave a tour of the truck where the whole park was accommodated. Behind the truck, part of the team was loading the low rider onto the truck after which they headed for the C&O canal and finally got there when it was already dark. The trail they were on this night straddles the C&O canal and the Potomac River.

The moonlight was their main source of light but in addition to this, they had their night vision equipment on to aid in better vision. Sounds of various wild animals could be heard and the dogs were reacting to this and wanted to be let loose to go after the prey. Soon they started on this 1800s trail and after a while, the team ran into their support vehicle.

As they came under the bridge which was the next feature along this trail, there was a train passing on the rail line above. It was all pitch dark all around but the team kept on comfortably thanks to the led-lights they had brought by. Soon they took a break and this time round it was not one of the usual bathroom breaks but rather to wait on Princess; one of the huskies that was marking her territory.

The team moved at the pace of the dogs and would stop at a safe place whenever it was necessary since they were engaged in this for the dogs. Thereafter, they stopped to take a breather after being on the trail for 4 hours and covering 13.1 miles. At this point, he took time to explain various aspects of what the activity involves and about the dogs as well.

All dogs remained calm and after a good rest, they continued down the trail. The next break they took along this trail was to water the dogs and it was quite chilly out there by this time. Right across the Potomac River, they could see a bon fire and this was most probably one of those camp fires that campers light up when they visit the area.

The dogs picked up speed at some point and usually, they do this after picking up scent and when this happens the two individuals on the bike look around to try and locate whatever the dogs could be reacting to. Along the way they took note of a massive tree and could not help but wonder what kind of tree it was. The houses around here were pretty dark as well since it was quite late.

The section of the trail they were on at the time had grass growing in the middle as a result of tire tracks that were an indication of maybe ranger vehicles that frequent the trail while on patrol. Running the motor at a light speed was essential at this point to overcome the resistance that the dogs would have otherwise experienced from the grass underneath.

Across the river they could also see a couple of houses that appeared to be perched on cliffs and this was a magnificent sight. The trees along this trail had no foliage on them as yet and viewing the full moon clearly was quite easy. This night’s surprise was when they encountered an irl that came close enough but they were not able to capture it on camera since it fled away fast.