They were at the C&O canal trail today and were heading to Edwards Ferry and as he gave a tour of the park in the truck and other bikes, the team was offloading the lead bike from the truck. Once darkness had set in, light rains were experienced and they had taken a break after ½ a mile since one of the bikes had developed a problem.

As they tried to fix it, one of the team members took time to water the dogs and the support team had dropped by as well to offer a helping hand with the faulty bike. Once set, the team was back on the trail once again and this time the one bearing he camera was behind the lead bike and at the next stop he went ahead of the team in front to capture a better image of the lead bike.

It was pitch dark out there and light showers were still pouring. With the camera, he moved on to the canal and waited on the bikes as they came up past him. Up ahead they explored a lock bridge as one of the team members took some IR photos. Back on the bike the team continued on the trail and after a short distance, the lead bike got stuck in the mud and had to be pushed.

At this point, the park was treated to some water and when they were finally ready, they started out again getting past a section of the trail that was bumpy. Next they took a break to change the position of the camera and as they went about this, they noted some eyes in the woods but did not quite get to know what was out there in the woods.

The chase bike took the lead this time round and the filming was much better. Shortly, they took a break to take some photos of a beautiful spot they had uncovered on the canal. There was a cliff next to the canal whose reflection had been captured perfectly in the canal waters and this was certainly a great sight.

The team was in deep darkness out here but even with this, it was possible to see what was happening around thanks to the night vision equipment they had brought with them. They got to another beautiful spot and stopped to take more photos here before proceeding. Past 1 o’clock in the morning, they took a break once more and after some time, they continued racing along the C&O trail.

One of the IR lights they were using on the camera had an issue and they had to stop to get it fixed before they could carry on and when it was finally ready, they took to the race once again with the IR lights piercing into the darkness.