Today she shares some of the greatest lessons we can learn from dogs. These are;

  • Dogs are enthusiastic – they are just happy to be no matter the day and if we could be more enthusiastic, our lives would be so much better.
  • Friendship – dogs are good friends. They are unconditional great friends and this is what we all need. We can actually learn more about our friends from our dogs.
  • We can learn about laughter from our dogs. If you are not laughing ten times a day at your dog, you are missing something.
  • Flexibility – dogs are so flexible by being open to anything. Imagine if we were more open to change in our lives. Change is more than nickels and diamonds. She says we are faced with various changes and the older we get, the more change we will see in our lifetime. We need to be more flexible and be open to change by realizing that it’s going to happen and we might as well accept it.
  • Simplicity – nowadays, so many people are trying to downsize by moving to smaller places in an effort to attain simplicity. If you consider your dog that is happy with simple things such as a nap, bowl of food, a bowl of water and a walk now and then, if we are interested in simplicity, then, we can follow their lead.
  • Exercise – dogs love exercise and the more we can take then for a walk, take the out, run with them as well as taking them to the park, they love all this. The reason is because they need exercise and so do we. This is one very good excuse to have a dog.
  • Comforting – after a terrible massacre in Orlando, they were sending a group of dogs to give comfort to victims and families. They say when you are around a dog, even your blood pressure lowers.

She indicates that she will be taking some of the stories from her book; “Pawprints of Wisdom” and bring in some of her memories as well. A quote by Debbie features on the back cover of her book that says; “Pet parents are relatively sure they know their fur babies but after reading this book, am convinced that our furever friends know more about what we need to learn.”

Dogs are persistent and will keep after something to remind you and we need to be persistent too on our goals and dreams, without giving up on them. Zig Ziglar spoke so much about persistence and in one of the quotes he says; “It doesn’t matter how many times you fall, it’s how many times you get back up again.”

She talks about Jesse, a dog owned by her sister and the husband; how one night he was barking like crazy and finally woke up everyone and on looking out the window, the garage right next to their house was engulfed in flames and they got the fire department out there. The dog had just saved the whole family and the house as well.

Dogs are how people would be if the important stuff is all that mattered to us. They live in the present and they do not worry about yesterday or tomorrow. They are right here, right now and that is how we all should live.